The PEASS Subjective Database


This database provides a set of sounds used for a listening test in the evaluation of audio source separation, as well as the related subjective ratings.


Click here to download the PEASS Subjective Database (Version 1.0)


The PEASS Subjective Database is dedicated to a wide use in the research community. Click here to see the full license statements.

This is a joint work by Valentin Emiya (INRIA, France), Emmanuel Vincent (INRIA, France), Niklas Harlander (University of Oldenburg, Germany), Volker Hohmann (University of Oldenburg, Germany).

When using this database, the following paper must be referred to: Valentin Emiya, Emmanuel Vincent, Niklas Harlander and Volker Hohmann, Subjective and objective quality assessment of audio source separation, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 2011, 19 (7), pp. 2046-2057.

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